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Tag: tax season

The Origins of American Taxation and the Modern Income Tax

Oh that wonderful date of April 15th. In our youth, the date doesn’t mean much, but the moment we make our first paycheck, we may suddenly become aware of something called taxes and the concept of the income tax. It takes awhile for it to sink in, but eventually we learn that money we make […]

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Ways Taxes Will Change In 2020

Tax law has gone through a number of changes since the Trump administration and will continue to change going into 2020. It can be overwhelming to keep track of all the changes, but we’ve compiled a shortlist of the changes you need to be on the lookout for.  No alimony deduction – People who pay […]

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Taxes After Marriage: What Newlyweds Need to Know

Next to having children and buying a home, marriage is one of the biggest changes that can happen in your life. As such, this change also affects the taxes of both spouses. If you’re in the El Paso area and you’re looking for a bit of guidance in terms of your newfound communion, Clifford, Ross, […]

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Don’t Fear the Accounting Firms: We’re Only Here to Help!

Tax season is upon us once again. Many dread this time of the year for a handful of reasons, while others look forward to receiving their tax returns. No matter where you stand on taxes, it’s always useful to get a helping hand. If you’re in the El Paso area, Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, […]

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IRS Problems and Mistakes Millenials Should Avoid

“Adulting,” is a term used by millennials when they partake in “grown-up” behavior such as getting married, buying a car, or working a full-time job. For many millennials, the highest degree of adulting comes around during tax season. Filing one’s taxes can be seen as the epitome of adulthood. For many millennials, this yearly event […]

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Accounting Firms Help Business Owners Beat the Heat of Tax Season

Between running a business, being with family, and investing into various side projects, most entrepreneurs and business owners don’t have the time or resources to spare on the drudges of filing taxes. Every moment spent worrying about deductions and researching tax compliance laws steals valuable time and emotional energy from business owners (time and energy […]

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